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Sawasdee Ka!

 My passion for Thai cooking is inspired by my mother, an amazing Thai chef. She shared with me the secrets of cooking delicious Thai dishes which have been passed down for generations.


Together, we want people to be able to easily cook healthy and delicious Thai dishes right in their own kitchen. 

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Our Mission !

is to make cooking at home as easier & convenient as possible without compromising on quality or authentic Thai taste. Every single ingredient we use are natural and carefully selected from the finest local produce.


All our products are FREE from preservatives, MSG and artificial colors. We even used coconut oil to process instead of palm and soybean oil as it provides more benefit for health than others and course less allergy.

We also gained HALAL certificate, and a right to use VEGAN SOCIETY's logo to guarantee our products for the vegan customer.

Last but not least, our products are easy to use. Everything is ready to cook and less time-consuming for busy individuals as NO additional seasoning is required. There is even a QR code linking to an instructional cooking video provided on the package. So simple and easy to follow, even for people that don't know how to cook! 

 Delectable memories  in a small package!

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yummy recipes 
cook & enjoy! 

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